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And so starts another book…number 3 if you’re keeping count.
Book number 1 has been published – have you bought yourself a copy of it yet? either digital (eg Kindle) or paperback, from Amazon: “Broken Dreams, and Hope!”
by the way, the kindle edition is just £2 so grab yourself a bargain 😉 and you can share it with somebody else once you’ve bought it.
The reviews have moved me to tears so far. am so thrilled it helped just one person, but some of the kinds comments from quite a growing number of people who have already bought it were so powerful and moving! God is so kind!!
Book number 2 is awaiting a foreword by a good friend, and Nathan Berry‘s wonderful grammar checking skills. I’ve got a cover I like, so that is going well.
Book number 3 now has all the text it needs, but requires some heavy editing…but that’s the part I seem to do okay…started at 1180 pages, so made the book a bit bigger and am currently down to about 850 pages, now I’ve removed lots of line breaks from copying the text over lol…slight panic to start with! it won’t be anywhere near that big when I’ve finished deleting everything that doesn’t need to be there (from the transcripts of 20 episodes of Marriage Matters – of about 35 minutes each….oops, did I just give the topic away 😉 )
Am guessing this will be ready later this year, perhaps this side of Christmas. we’ll see – much yet to do on this one!
Andy B
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  1. Gospelroad#66

    01/07/2022 at 15:09

    God is moving brother! You are truly inspired to be writing your 3rd book! Click congratulations! God bless 😊

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