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We’ve checked through the proof of Broken dreams, and Hope!

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And apart from a couple of super tiny tweaks and edits, we’re good to go for Andy B’s first, ever, proper, page turning book!

This means that the books will be officially published in just 7 days time. Eek!!

You’ll be able to purchase it as an eBook or a paperback from many places around the world, via Amazon, Kindle, and other digital reading devices. We’ve kept costs as low as possible and hope you’ll be encouraged reading this book. We also hope you’ll be able to buy a copy for a friend, to encourage them too. And, we’ve enabled book sharing – so if you buy this on your Kindle, you can digitally loan it to a friend, for free.

Launch date – Friday 25th March 2022

We’re super excited and hope you will be too!

Broken Dreams, and Hope! is a timely book for our world. In it Andy B explores how life can beat us down to the point where we feel isolated, alone and on our own with a life that is overwhelming our very ability to even breathe.

It was written when the UK was still in a COVID lockdown and the allied forces had just left Afghanistan. With the current crisis in Ukraine, it seems ever more a timely book!

Broken Dreams, and Hope! explores how we all face struggles and difficulties that can make it feel hard just to breathe. And, yet, as Andy B found in his own life, when those struggles come; when breathing our next breath seems like too great a challenge, there is still hope.

And that hope has a name – His name is Jesus.

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