Broken Dreams, and Hope! The Book

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Broken Dreams, and Hope! Front Cover

ISBN: 979-8479741630

Andy B gets raw, and real, in Broken Dreams, and Hope!

Through the many difficulties he has faced, and his many broken dreams, there is one thing that always keeps his head above the water – hope!

And it is a hope that can not be quenched, no matter what life throws at him, or anybody.

“It is a page-turner in that sense, with each chapter leaving you wanting to read just one more…”

A book by Andy B

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Watch Andy B’s short video about this book.

What people have been saying about Broken Dreams, and Hope!

“Small confession to make… I just finished reading your book! Finished in a day which is very unusual for me. A real page turner!”

“I read your book last night, it took a little over an hour. It was so good! Each chapter flowed into the next making it hard to put down.”

“Very good, Andy, I’m so very proud and honoured that I can hand this book out knowing I know this family.”

“Letting a person who doesn’t realize that pain and suffering is apart of this life and not something uncommon makes it easier knowing your not alone – life is indeed messy. “

“I love the way you spoke of hurt and abuse but never going into details that would have robbed the reader of their own inward pains and ability to take hold of the Lord’s extended hand – the hand that will never let go.“

“You gave the reader motivation to look up and grab the hand that can lift you up on your feet & walk you through life’s muddy mire. The ability to have a clean slate through the forgiveness of sin both ours and the sins against us. “

“Will read it again a bit slower but really well done to you.”

“Very encouraging book that God will use to bless many”

Thanks for writing the book and making it available. I really did enjoy it. Looking forward to reading it again!

“One of the great blessings and privileges in the last year has been getting to know Andy, Jo and their family. Their ministry of encouraging and instructive teaching via blogs and video source has been a great help in my walk with God. They have encouraged me in my walk and my own service of God, and continue to do unselfishly every day. This book by Andy is a great instructive guide to finding hope in following God in life, in the good and the bad times. As I read this I could clearly see Andy’s sincerity in sharing his faith, written in plain English. I would heartily recommend this book to everyone, believers and unbelievers alike. The financial investment is small compared to the treasure found in these pages!”

“Many books of this sort can be summed up simply as “Life is tough, but stick with Jesus and you will get through…”

While Andy Berry does indeed echo this straightforward message, he speaks with far greater depth and as one with some authority, having gone through some truly difficult trials in his life. Andy, therefore, does not speak theoretically, but with real experience of following Christ when times are hard.

While this is a brief book (compared to some volumes!) it is packed with biblical wisdom and I confess I read it all through in almost one sitting! It is a page-turner in that sense, with each chapter leaving you wanting to read just one more…

I finished this book feeling encouraged and uplifted, reassured that God knows what we go through when we face fear, grief or pain. Andy humbly offers some possibilities as to why we face difficult times, and I found his writing style very approachable.

I highly recommend this to you even if your life is going well right now, as no doubt you will need it some time in the future! I look forward to future works by this author, and am keen to check out their other resources from the Berry Bunch Family.”


Are you hurting inside?

Are you left wondering where hope will come from?

Do you feel different from everybody around you – like you’ve got struggles they wouldn’t and couldn’t understand?

We’re all looking for something to help us feel peaceful, and we’ll do it any which way we can.

But there is one certain place we can find hope. And that is in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Andy B gets raw and real in Broken Dreams, and Hope! Through the many difficulties he has faced, and his many broken dreams, there is one thing that always keeps his head above the water – hope!

And it is a hope that can not be quenched, no matter what life throws at him, or anybody.

Andy B is a gifted children’s worship leader, speaker, teacher and preacher who loves exciting people in their faith.

He and his wife – Jo – live, and love, to help Families Fire Up Their Faith! They’ve been married for 25 years and have three godly men they’re privileged to call sons.

Broken Dreams, and Hope! Rear Cover
Broken Dreams, and Hope! Front Cover


Andy writes ” ..But, if you’re hurting, and you’re broken, and you want to know a peace that isn’t affected by your situation, you need to pursue God. Because God is the only true source of that peace – …”

I have known pain…I have had Broken Dreams….we have all been hurt. The systems of this world ..and even our own humanity assures us of that. The Bible says it like this:

Job 5:7 Easy English “You know that from every fire smoke rises into the air. So every man that is born has troubles in his life.”

Facing this pain and coming to terms with this reality has been very difficult for me. Extremely difficult.

In this Book my Brother and Friend helps us greatly. He lays out the facts and directs ever so gently to the source of the Peace we so desire.

I have been battered….oh yes!….and there’s HOPE!

Who would have thought that the answer was spiritual? Oh. But it is!

The solution that Andy gives I tried and I have been filled with such Hope. That in spite of it all..I have Peace!..Yes ..Peace. A Peace that overflows.

I know this Author. It follows that I’m not surprised that Andy has, with sharing his heart in this book, helped me stay the course. You have been generous.

Thank you, Brother.

Olamide Dawson Adekunle – Missionary Evangelist

Buy the book online at Amazon. You can get the eBook via the Kindle store for use on any digital reading advice. You can even share your copy with a friend for 14 days.

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  1. Really looking forward to this book coming out! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy and start reading!

    1. Thanks Andy. That’s so kind! We’re a bit excited here too!!

      Andy B

  2. Congratulations Andy! This is exciting news. I just finished downloading a copy onto my Kindle. I’m eager to dive in.

    1. Thankyou. The comments we’ve had have blown me away. Honestly, they’re overwhelmed me – either on Amazon or by direct message.

      I truly hope you enjoy it and that it encourages you!!

      It blew me away to see a picture of the book in the hands of someone in the UK and the kitchen table of someone in the US. It’s kind of cool to see something I haven’t even, yet, seen myself – my paperback copy arrives tomorrow!! (I get them slightly differently as an author, and I don’t get priority delivery 😉 )

      Andy B

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