Christingle, 2020 Materials you will need if you want to join in

Avatar The BerryBunch | 18/12/2020

If you want to join in with our LIVE BROADCAST Christingle, this Sunday afternoon at 4pm (GMT), you won't need many things.


It was only a couple of years ago we led a team that made over 600 Christingle Oranges. The room had a divine smell and it was great fun.

This one will be a little easier I think, although LIVE BROADCASTS have their own, special, challenges!

Christingle Oranges
Christingle Oranges

For every Christingle Orange that you wish to make you will need:

  • - a large orange
  • - red electrical tape or similar (we'll be using a red ribbon we saved from a birthday cake)
  • - 4 cocktail sticks (plus a few spare in case you break one or two)
  • - dolly mixture (or soft fruit, or anything soft enough to push a cocktail stick through!)
  • - a small/thin candle (we'll be using a birthday candle because it comes with it's own mount and spike)

You can join us live on Facebook at the time (4pm GMT - UK).

And, as soon as we're able to, we'll upload the video to our YouTube Channel and Instagram TV Page, so you can watch it whenever and wherever is most convenient for you: from our home to yours.
Everything we do is always free to access.

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