Christmas Special Editions, 2021

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Much like the story of Mary and Joseph, our best laid plans don’t always go the way me might have hoped.

Mary, I would imagine, would quite possibly have preferred a fully staffed hospital with midwife support, over a stable possibly stuffed full with smelly animals, and her nervous husband doing what was needed.

And, as a family, we would have preferred not to have lost most of November and December to illness, hospital stays and plenty of other life related stress events that managed to cram themselves into an insanely tiny amount of time!

But, it is what it is!

And, much like Jesus being born in that drafty stable, what happened happened. (Although our own family issues don’t have quite the amazing story, or legacy, of the birth of Jesus Christ. But, there was plenty of God’s goodness in both situations, albeit 2,000 years ago and ours didn’t involved a baby!).

None the less, we’re here now! And we hope you enjoy our Special Christmas Editions which go live over the next couple of days.

Crafty Christmas with the BerryBunch will be live from 6pm this evening (22nd December 2022).

Jo Jo talks us through a nativity scene you can make yourself, with some help from some pretty commonly available things you’ll find around most homes.

Andy and Jo Jo laugh quite a bit too!

Christingle with the BerryBunch will be live from 6pm tomorrow evening (23nd December 2021).

The BerryBunch is brought to you, this year, with a lot of help from Dave the Dog….I knew the script, and I still had tears rolling down my cheeks as I was editing it. It’s epic!!

So, if you want to see a Christingle in the making – and don’t know what it all means, or perhaps just fancy another approach – you can enjoy our Christmas Special Christingle, 2021, which will be live from 6pm tomorrow evening with Jo Jo and Dave the Dog.

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Christingle 2021, Dave the Dog and Jo Jo

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