Daily Family Prayers – Prayer 2:62

Avatar The BerryBunch | 12/02/2021

We've done nearly 85 Live, Prayer Sessions since we started and we've now got a shiny new format we're going to start using from Tuesday 16th February 2021.

We'll still be live, on Facebook, from 4pm weekdays - but in our shiny new format, "Prayer 2:62".

We'll take a maximum of 10 minutes with 2 types of prayer:

  • 6 minutes praying to God
  • 2 minutes thanking God

We hope you'll join us.

Send things we can pray for - for you, or yours. Or, share a prayer God has answered.

Andy B and the BerryBunch

Prayer 2:62, from 4pm - weekdays
Prayer 2:62, from 4pm - weekdays

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