Daily Family Prayers Returns

Avatar The BerryBunch | 10/01/2021

We're back, after a really restful Christmas break, with Daily Family Prayers, Live @ 1pm, on our Facebook page - starting Monday 11th January 2021.

fluffy small dog, in a jacket, running
fluffy dog, running

It'll be the usual format, where we pause our day - for about 15 minutes - for things around the world to pray into situations around the world. We always finish with a time to say thankyou to God for all the good things in the world and in our lives too.

If you see or know of an issue you think we need to pray for then you can add it to our collective praying, and message us through Facebook, Instagram, DingDash or via our BerryBunch.family website

Something 4 Sunday LITE and Little Blessings Online will start back, for Series 3, next weekend (Sunday 17th and Monday 18th January 2021).

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