David dances before the Lord

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2 Samuel 4-7

The first story I read today was very similar to one I read yesterday in which this man turns up to impress David by telling him he killed Saul, but didn’t realise it would get him killed.

The story in chapter 4 tells of the new commanders of the Israeli troops, two brothers called Baanah and Rechab, who kill Ish-bosheth, the son of Saul, in his sleep. They went to David proud of their actions, pleased that they had killed the son of David’s enemy, believing that the Lord had given revenge upon Saul and his family. David had them both killed. In the same chapter, we hear about Mephibosheth, who was the son of Jonathan and we get to know how he was dropped by his nurse in their rush to safety from an attack and that’s how he became lame. I know that David is kind to this boy later, as he had made a promise to Jonathan to look after his family line in the future.

Significantly, David conquers Jerusalem. And after moving from Hebron to Jerusalem, David married additional wives. We know that David had several sons and that he suffered much heartache because of his many wives. It’s interesting that although it was socially acceptable for kings at that time to own a harem, God warned against it in Deuteronomy 17:14-17. Amongst other guidelines for a king, in verse 17, God says: “He must not have too many wives, lest his heart be turned away from the Lord…” Always listen to God!

In chapter 6, David brought the Ark to Jerusalem, but not without some difficulty on the way. When the oxen carrying the Ark stumbled and Uzzah touched the Ark, God was angry and killed him on the spot. There are clear instructions in Numbers 4:5-15 about the transportation of the Ark and God clearly needed to remind his people of the importance of obedience to Him. When the Ark arrived in Jerusalem, there was a big celebration and David dances before the Lord.

Unfortunately, Michal, one of David’s wives and Saul’s daughter could not share in David’s joy and didn’t like seeing him dancing in that way and told him how disgusted she was. It would seem that Michal did not have the same close relationship with God as her brother Jonathan which helped him through some really difficult situations in his life. Michal’s life was certainly not easy, but she chose to become bitter; but bitterness does not change our bad circumstances it just makes a bad situation worse. It says in scripture Michal was childless throughout her life. I want to learn from Michal’s life and instead of becoming bitter about what life throws at me, I want to be willing to respond to God and give Him the opportunity to bring good out of my difficult situations.

Finally, David wants to build a temple for the Ark, but God speaks through the prophet Nathan and tells him not to. Although, David gets a resounding ‘No’, God blesses David and David gives a lovely acceptance prayer (2 Samuel 7:18-29). The blessing given to David was a promise to continue the house of David forever. David’s earthly dynasty ended 40 years later, but Jesus Christ, a direct descendant of David was the ultimate fulfilment of this promise (Acts 2:22-26).



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