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I am just coming to the end of Judges in my reading plan. And in Judges 20, there is quite a disturbing story about the abuse of an old man’s daughter.

Although the immoral and criminal acts forced upon this poor defenceless girl were sickening to read, what I found most disturbing was that her own father threw her out of the house into the path of these evil perverts.

It would appear that hospitality was strong in that culture and it was important to a man’s honour to protect a guest. The men who arrived outside the house wanted to abuse the old man’s guest and the old man chose to deliberately disobey God’s law by allowing his daughter to be abused and murdered so that he could follow the social protocol of protecting his guest.

I remember when I was on the Freedom in Christ (FIC) course at Spring Harvest many years ago, Neil Anderson, the founder of FIC, in speaking about forgiveness asked whether it would be easier for a child to forgive their father for abusing them or to forgive their mother who stood by and did nothing to stop it. It’s an interesting question and one that makes you realise that standing by and letting things happen can be as wrong as the evil act itself.

I hope I have the courage and strength to stand up for what is good and right no matter what the cost and that I follow God’s way over the ways of this world.

James 4:7

‘Remember, too, that knowing what is right to do and then not doing it is sin’


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