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Above all else, we’d value prayer. This isn’t a pithy Christian cliché for us, but how we breathe!! We’re more grateful for prayer than anything else!

We love people praying for what we do and money is always something of chewy subject!

Everything we do is, and always will be, free to everybody that wants and needs it. But there are costs involved for us, including hosting the Website, the website name, podcast services and the various equipment we use from mics, to green screens and lighting.

But we also know, from many years of ministry – and walking in faith for God – that some people also love to help other ministries financially, as well as in prayer and so we’ve created two different ways to do this.


…allows you to donate a regular, monthly amount. Just visit their website and follow the instructions to sign up.

Buy Me a Coffee (or tea)…

…allows you to donate much more easily – as a one off, or regularly should you prefer.

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