S04E005, Honestly, I’m Fine! Endurance

Avatar Steven The Dude | 27/03/2022

Endurance is your weekly spiritual workout, whether you think of yourself as a beginner, an intermediate, or advanced!

Explore with us what it means to be honest in our fifth episode of season four: Honestly, I’m Fine.

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Andy B begins this week’s theme, “Honestly, I’m fine”, with a reminder of how skilled we can become at hiding our emotions through “Sunday smiles”.

He warns us that sometimes people will ask us how we are without really wanting to know the answer, reminding us to only ask a question if we are willing to hear the response.

He relates how honest David, of the Bible, was towards God, when writing many of the Psalms.

He also points out that it’s only when we are honest with our brothers and sisters in Christ that they can help us. Andy B does make a point of stating that you shouldn’t open up about your life’s problems with just anybody; you need to use wisdom. In addition to all of this he tells of an


Steven and Nathan challenge us to be honest with God and others, especially our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Nathan quotes Ephesians 4:25, which looks at the subject of honesty with fellow believers.

And the two of them discuss Jesus’ perfect example of honesty, as well David, who wrote many of the Psalms, and the way he was honest with God.

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