Endurance, Series 1, Episode 5, Enduring Temptation

Steven introduces our theme this week – Enduring Temptation.

As usual, we have #GoDeeper with Andy B and #GoDo with Steven and Nathan.


GoDeeper with Andy B, as he looks at how we should endure temptation; we need to submit to God, then resist the devil.

He touches on the importance of renewing our minds daily.

And he also looks at how Jesus endured temptation – by resisting the devil with Scripture.


Steven & Nathan give us 3 challenges for the week ahead in #GoDo:


Steven gives us the Scripture to read; 1 Corinthians 10:1-13, which talks about facing temptation.


Nathan challenges us to reflect on where we are being tempted to avoid spiritual exercise and put physical exercise first.


Steven encourages us to remember how Jesus faced temptation when He was on earth, particularly in Luke 4, where Jesus was tempted by Satan, but responded with Scripture.


Nathan advises us to follow the Biblical protocol for responding to temptation given in James 4:7;

1: submit to God. then 2: resist the devil.

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