Family Focus, Between a Rock and a Hard Place!

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Jo created and led this bible study for family devotions on Saturday 21st November 2020:

Opening Prayer


  • Two idioms: From the frying pan to the fire & between a rock and a hard place
  • Meaning of Frying pan to fire – from one situation to a worse situation
  • The personal journey as a family from the last situation to the current one described using the frying pan/ fire idiom.
  • Example from the bible: Jacob runs from Esau to Laban.

  • Jo shared snippets from the following sermon to illustrate idiom:

  • Jo gave personal example when changing from one career to another.
  • Introduced the second idiom as what the family were experiencing today.

A Rock & Hard Place

  • Introduced second idiom & meaning – stuck between two equally difficult decisions/ courses of action.
  • Jo read out the following post:


  • Where are you stuck between a rock & a hard place?
  • What do we need to change about ourselves to move forward?
  • What do we need to ditch/let go of to move on?

Closing Prayer

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