Family Focus – 16.02.2021 – Colour

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For our family devotional today, I thought about colour, and how it can sometimes feel like the colour has gone out of our life. There is a great episode of Garfield, which we watch during the devotional today.

We spend 20 minutes thinking and focusing on the bible and God. Then we spend time praying together.

Opening Prayer

I started with prayer, and asked whoever was willing to open with a simple prayer!

We then read Genesis 37:1-4, sharing the reading between us

Next and we watched this video clip from an episode of Garfield.
Garfield Video – The colour has gone out of my life

At this point I asked the question – "Where in your life do you need more colour?"

I finished my Family Focus today by reminding my family that sometimes in life we need more colour and other times we need less.

When they got comfortable, I asked an extra question - "Where do you need less colour?"

For our prayer time today, we updated our Prayer Book - we've recently started a fresh page, so took the time to make sure we were praying for everything we think is important right now.

I hope you enjoy my Family Focus Devotional

Peter Berry

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