Family Focus, Exodus 4, Luke 7

This family focus was led on 21st February 2019.

Opening prayer.

Read Exodus 4

Joke (In reference to verses 1-5) ‘What was the problem God had with Moses? He couldn’t get the staff!’

I wonder where we aren’t believing God or doing what He is asking us to do, because we don’t think we can. It could be a command in the Bible, or a calling specific to you. I know I haven’t; for example: Often I don’t pray for things I know I should pray for, thinking I’m not old enough or mature enough, ‘what if it doesn’t happen?’. But the Bible never gives an age group who should pray without ceasing, or on all occasions.
Also, on the whole incident with God confronting Moses to kill him, it seems as though this is because Moses hadn’t circumcised his son. In a similar way, is there anything you/we need to do/get rid of/or change in preparation for moving?

Listen to Luke 7

Looking at the faith of the centurion, we should have faith like he did! His faith was ‘like a child’s’!
‘God is on the move,’ to finish

Ending prayer.


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