Family Focus – Faith Appraisals

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Jo led this bible study on Monday 17th December 2018:

Opening Prayer

Faith Appraisals

  • Then & Now
  • Take in turns

Scripture: Amos 7: 1-9

Visions of judgement

1-3 Nathan, 4-6 Steven, 7-9 Andy

Video: Plumbline

A plumbline is tool used to make sure a wall is straight. If a wall is not straight it will colapse. God wants us to live a right life – stay on the straight and narrow as it were. The sin that makes us crooked is what  God wants removing. God’s word is the plumbline that helps us become aware of our sin so something can be done about it.


How are you feeling about your walk of faith?

How does it line up with God’s plumbline?

How does it measure up to God’s word?

Does your belief about the issues – success/ significant/fulfilled/satisfied/encouraged/happy/fun/secure/peaceful measure up to God’s plumbline?

What would you like to change?

What are you going to do?


Two areas in our faith appraisal – Fun & Happiness

Let’s share our jokes about plumbline!

Plum Line Image - "But I didn't want to get plumbed"
Plum Line Image – “But I didn’t want to get plumbed”
"I've been plumed" drawing
“I’ve been plumed” drawing


God is testing us just like he was testing His people in the bible – God is testing us to see if our walk of faith is true to His word.

Faith Appraisal in brief

We can all become the people God has created us to be regardless of the circumstances of life

Plumb: The band & name

Video: Plumb – God help me

Closing Prayer

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