Family Focus -Faith – Hebrews 11 & Genesis 22

Opening Prayer

Introduction: Faith & Faith Appraisal

Song: Peace be still – Lauren Daigle

Hebrews 11:1-2 in brief

As we listen to Genesis 22:1-18, think about the relationship with God that Abraham had & the relationship that his son had with God.Think about the faith involved and how your faith could stand up to such testing.

Listen to Genesis 22:1-18


  • What testing have you experienced? In your life or more recently
  • Any tests you’ve passed or failed?

Faith appraisal

We’ve been looking at 9 studies since September relating to the Faith Appraisal we completed. We’ve taken 3 months to look at success, significance, fulfilment, satisfaction, encouragement, happiness, fun, security & peace.

Let’s complete the appraisal again together. One question at a time – see how ewe get on. Read each one briefly & 1 minute maximum to complete each question.

(Peace be still in the background)

Closing Prayer


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