Family Focus Five – Problems and Predicaments

For today’s FF5 I was struck by a Bible Plan I’ve been following on the YouVersion app, all about Nehemiah and the rebuilding of the wall.

The author drew the comparison of Nehemiah recognising the difference between problems and predicaments.

They explained how the 12 spies had all seen the same giants in the Promised Land, and yet 10 of them obstacles they couldn’t overcome – predicaments. Yet 2 of them saw the same situation as a problem – something that could be solved.

So, as a family, I shared all of the above, and we explored the areas of our lives where we are struggling against things that there is literally nothing we can about – predicaments.

They simply need to be endured, with God’s grace!

And we also looked at the problems in our lives, where we aren’t doing anything, but actually we could – we listened to God and let the Holy Spirit guide us to the areas that God wants us to look at with, perhaps, fresher eyes!

Sometimes it feels like we’re trying to do the impossible, or perhaps push a bail of hay; the fact we’re exhausted and working so hard, isn’t necessarily a sign of productivity.

A man pushing a bale of hay

On the other hand, with a little perseverance, prayer, a cup of tea (and maybe a YouTube how-to video) we can see a jumble of jumbled blocks that won’t go where we want them to suddenly turn into a 6 sided coloured block, complete and finished, and the immense satisfaction of having accomplished something (I’ve still to enjoy that feeling from a Rubiks cube!).

Finished Rubik’s Cube

So, in life, there are problems and predicaments; things we can overcome with God, and things we simply have to leave with God to solve, on our behalf.

Andy B

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