Family Focus – Genesis 19 & Matthew 18

Peter led this bible Study on Friday 18th January 2019:

Opening Prayer (Andy)

Read: Genesis 19


  • How does the scripture strike you?
  • Why didn’t Lot go straight to where God had sent Him?
  • Was it to protect the town that Lot travelled to, and that the angel saved?

Peter’s Thoughts:

  • V26 – Pillar of salt – would have been weird to see this happen
  • Picture of bomb sight – like the Germans used; that God something similar, but He uses it to drop love on us

Read: Matthew 18

  • Jesus tells the truth!
  • How does the scripture strike you?

Song: LZ7 – Home – Elevator

End in Prayer ( Jo)

Jo typed this up for Peter on 31st January 2019

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