Family Focus – Genesis 27 & Matthew 26 – Strife

I led this bible study on Saturday 26th January 2019:

Opening Prayer

Video: Alabaster Jar – Rend Collective


  • Scriptures Genesis 27 & Matthew 26
  • Theme – strife
  • Genesis 27 – Jacob steals Esau’s blessing

CD – Bible Experience – Genesis 27


  • Genesis 25:23
  • instead of trusting God to fulfil Genesis 25:23 takes matters into own hands
  • What strife have you experienced or seen?

Intro to Matthew 26

  • Plot to kill Jesus, woman anoints Jesus, Judas’ betrayal
  • Preparation of the Passover, the Last Supper
  • Prediction of Peter’s denial, Gethsemane, arrest
  • Questioning Jesus, Peter’s denial

CD Matthew 26


Which one of these accounts in Matthew 26 sticks out the most today and why?

Discussion & videos:

Skitguys – 40 Days Peter’s Denial

Skitguys – Encounters with Christ – Malchus in the garden

Closing Prayer


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