Family Focus – Genesis 34 & Mark 4 – Revenge & Justice

Jo led this bible study on Saturday 2nd February 2019:

Opening Prayer


  • Review Genesis 34
  • In context – Genesis 31:1-3 – Direction from God
  • In context Genesis 33 – Didn’t go with Esau, didn’t accept protection, instead of going to land of birth to where Esau went – went to Shechem. Told Esau he was going Seir, but went to Succoth

Read Genesis 34


  • Have you ever wanted to exact revenge?
  • Have you ever carried out revenge?
  • What circumstances would make you want to be revengeful?

Simeon & Levi

  • Lied, stole & murdered
  • Desire for justice was right, but went the wrong way about it.
  • Genesis 49:5-7, Jacob, their father cursed them for their sin.
  • Generations later, their descendants lost their part of the promised land

Deuteronomy 32:35 & Romans 12:17-19


How do we leave revenge to God?

Matthew 6:15 & Matthew 18:22-35

Mark 4


Do you know what Jesus means in Mark 4:12?



Closing Prayer

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