Family Focus – Genesis 42 & Mark 12 -Emotions – Part 1

Jo led this bible study on  Saturday 9th February 2019:

Opening Prayer

Introduction: The Plan

  • Plan for the Emotions Bible Study
  • Read daily scriptures – looking at emotions
  • Activity – make our own emotions thermometer & colour
  • Listening to teaching whilst we make the thermometer
  • watch film ‘Inside Out’ & make notes on each of the six emotions
  • Discussion

Video: Skitguys -Emotional Rollercoaster -Spring forward, Fall back

Bible reading: Genesis 42


What emotions were displayed & how?

Any examples of handling emotions well?

Bible Reading: Mark 12


What about Jesus’ emotions?


Make Thermometer & Listen to Dr Neil Anderson – Acknowledging our emotions

Emotional Thermometers, Art Project
Emotional Thermometers, Art Project

Part 2 – next session – watch ‘Inside Out’

Closing Prayer

Uploaded by Jo on Tuesday 12th February 2019

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