Family Focus – Genesis & Advent

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I led this bible study on Saturday 22nd December 2018:

Opening Prayer

Light Candles

Video: Noel – Chris Tomlin


  • Genesis & Advent
  • Looking at 2 specific scriptures about Jesus:
  • Virgin birth – Matthew 1:8-23
  • The line of David – Matthew 1 – Geneology
  • Genesis 3:15 – fulfilment in Matthew 1:8-23


What do you think of this prophecy found there so early in Genesis and how does it make you feel?

In Genesis

So, first God promised that the Messiah would come in the human family and through a virgin birth.

Next in Genesis God narrows down the line through Judah

But before we go on to that, I was reminded in Genesis that Israel would be a great nation. Not only did Israel become a great nation under David & Solomon, but it is destined for greater days in the future. Nations that support Jews are blessed and those that have persecuted them are eventually defeated.

I also learnt something really interesting, as we know Genesis 22 – when Abraham went to sacrifice his son this was a foretelling of God’s sacrifice for men of His only son. But 2000 years later, upon the very same mountain, just outside Jerusalem God offered His only son. The Lamb of God, as a sin offering to reconcile man to God.

Also, in the Old Testament we find a number of types of Christ. Instead of prophecies and events that point to Jesus there are characters, people in the bible who are types of Christ, who are foreshadows of Jesus. Their lives show something of Jesus – similarities to Jesus’ life.

There are types of Christ throughout the Old Testament. In Genesis, we have Adam, Abel, Seth, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob

I want to look at Joseph as a type of Christ – looked at some:

Greater than his brothers

Brothers conspired to kill him

Betrayed for silver coins

Genesis 49:10

This prophecy from Jacob was given when he was dying. Jacob predicted that through Judah the Messiah would come.


What are your thoughts on this prophecy?

Closing Prayer

Video: Alleluia – Chris Tomlin


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