Family Focus – Monday 14th January 2019 God’s Promise to Abraham & Killing, Feeding, Walking on Water & Healing Genesis 15 & Matthew 14

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Jo led this bible study for the family on Monday 14th January 2019:

Song: Love has a name (Live) – Jesus Culture

Opening Prayer


  • Anyone had a vision from God or promise?
  • In Genesis 15 God promises Abraham descendants and land

Bible Reading: Genesis 15

The Map

Question: Anything that you don’t understand or struggle with in this bible chapter?


  • In Matthew 14 with have: killing, feeding, walking on water & healing.
  • All these in 36 verses
  • Are you ready?!

Bible Reading: Matthew 14


  • I thought I would crowbar emotions into this study of Matthew 14
  • Here’s the thermometer to remind you!


  • Let’s start with the killing of John the Baptist – What emotions?
  • Let’s look at the feeding of the 5000 – What emotions?
  • Let’s look at Jesus walking on water – What emotions?
  • Let’s look at healing by touch – What emotions?


Closing Prayer

Andy’s Prayer: Prayer created for finding a job based on Lord’s Prayer

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