Family Focus – Monday 21st January 2019 Matthew 21 & Genesis 22 Jesus the Lamb of God

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Jo led this bible study on 21st January 2019:

Video: Rend Collective – Nailed to the cross

Opening Prayer

Bible Reading: Matthew 21


  • In my bible Matthew 21 is split up into 6 teachings
  • The first, as you heard was what we now call Palm Sunday
  • Here’s the Skitguys to tell you about it!

Video: Skitguys – Psalm Sunday

Question: Any thoughts on the video?

Box exercise:

  • To cover the 5 other teachings of Jesus
  • Please take a wrapper from the box
  • And whichever teaching you have – you can provide your thoughts for the rest of us
  • My question for each teaching is what does it mean for you today


  • Genesis 22 is about how Abraham’s faith is tested
  • And this is the forerunner of Jesus
  • Abraham didn’t sacrifice Isaac, God provided a lamb
  • Jesus, the Son of God was sacrificed, he is the lamb of God
  • As I read this reflect on what Jesus has done for us
  • And how to want to respond in faith

Bible Reading: Genesis 22

Question: How has God spoken to you throw this well-known passage today?


  • Jesus was obedient to His Father, even to death on a cross
  • We need to be like Jesus, we need to be obedient
  • We need to follow Jesus, his teachings, his ways
  • We need to be who we are called to be


  • Following on from Ray Hughes conference
  • Healthy things grow… see card
  • Prayer to release our creativity and gifting in obedience to God
  • in the power of the Holy Spirit
  • in Jesus name

Closing Prayer

Andy’s Prayer: Prayer created for finding a job based on Lord’s Prayer

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