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Avatar Andy B | 24/08/2022

In lieu of our usual, 6pm, Andy B 2 Minute Video, we thought we thought we'd share this video with you instead. We think this is a good substitute for today!

This is a video that will be going out (and is already going out) through Konnect Radio and their own socials: Jo and I are going to be doing a brand new show for them, on Sundays from 4pm (UK time), starting Sunday 4th September. It's called Family Focus, and we'll be, we'll, focusing on all things family!

We're super excited to get stuck into this new project with Konnect Radio, and we hope you'll join us and listen along - and get involved! Our show is for everyone, after all, whether you're aged 8, 88 or 888 (probably not too many people listening who will have quite reached that last age).

We'll have some great features including Bible Stories with Dave the Dog, The Doggy Cushion and so much more!

If you want to listen along you can listen via your smart speaker, via the Konnect Radio Website, or by downloading the Konnect Radio app from either google or apple.

If you ever miss any of the shows that go out, you can always listen again via the Catch Up page on their website.

For more about Konnect Radio (which we've been enjoying since they began some 16 months ago) visit their website -

We'll be LIVE on Konnect Radio - on Wednesday 31st August, on Gareth Cottrell's Breakfast Show - to talk about the new show and we'd love you to join in if you can.

Andy and Jo

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  1. Gospelroad#66

    25/08/2022 at 08:24

    Congratulations! I loved listening to the intro, you both creat such a nice atmosphere and it will certainly draw people into listen! Praise God 🙏

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