Family Focus – Saturday 29th December 2018 Types of Christ – Joseph

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Jo led this bible study on Saturday 29TH December 2018:

Opening Prayer

Introduction: Recap & types of Christ

  • We carry on looking at events & people in Genesis
  • In preparation for the Book Club
  • Peter has covered the first three chapters, including creation
  • And Peter started looking at Noah yesterday
  • I looked at Cain & Abel & Abraham & Isaac -God testing Abraham
  • And last week, because we were coming up to Christmas
  • So, I looked at prophecies & events in Genesis that point to Jesus
  • As well as prophecies & events in the old Testament that point to Jesus
  • There are types of Christ throughout the Old Testament
  • Types of Jesus are people who reveal Jesus in some way
  • Something of their lives show Jesus
  • There are similarities to Jesus life
  • In Genesis, we have a number of types of Christ
  • Adam, Abel, Seth, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph
  • Adam -Romans 5:12-21
  • Abel – Matthew 23:34-35, Hebrews 11:4 & Hebrews 12:24
  • Enoch – Gen 5:21-24

Joseph: The musical/ life in brief

  • Joseph & the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat
  • Lyrics by Tim Rice & composer Andrew Lloyd-Weber
  • Story based on Bible events of Joseph’ life
  • First album 1971
  • Almost entirely sung musical
  • 1999 Direct to video film with Donny Osmond
  • Theatre productions/ lots of school plays
  • Life in brief- dreams/ coat/sold/ Potiphar/ baker/ cupbearer/ pharaoh’s dreams/ brothers/ Egypt

Bible Reading: Peter’s Bible: Page 58-65 – (Andy & Peter to read together)

Question: How is Joseph like Jesus in the part of his life we’ve read so far?

Video: Skit guys – Joseph


How do you relate to Joseph?

What do you learn for yourself, for your own life about Joseph and his life?


Song: God is on the move

Closing Prayer

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