Family Focus – Sunday 20th January 2019 Genesis 20 & Matthew 19 Weaknesses

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Jo led this bible study on Sunday 20th January, before Andy led his:

Video: Matthew West – Strong Enough

Opening Prayer


  • In the scripture today – Genesis 20 – Abraham makes the same mistake
  • In chapter 12 of Genesis Abraham pretends Sarah is his sister
  • Read Genesis 12:11-13
  • Abraham does it again in Genesis 20
  • As I read the scripture, think about this question:
  • What is your weak spot and what are you doing about it?

Bible Reading: Genesis 20

Life Application:

  • Read 20:2 notes


  • What is your weak spot and what are you doing about it?
  • Any other thoughts?
  • Thought: God calls Abraham a prophet
  • Thought: Abraham’s journey on the map

Bible Reading: Matthew 19

  • In verses 16-26 Jesus talks with the young man about eternal life
  • In verse 25 the disciples were astonished by Jesus’ response to the rich man
  • The rich in their culture were considered blessed
  • Interestingly Jesus only listed 6 out of the 10 commandments.
  • These commandments were all about relationships with others
  • Jesus exposed the man’s weakness
  • His money was his god and he wouldn’t give it up
  • He had violated the first and greatest commandment
  • Exodus 20:3 & Matthew 22:36-40

Question: What gets in the way of God coming first in our lives?


Closing Prayer

Andy’s Prayer: Prayer created for finding a job based on Lord’s Prayer

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