Peter & JoJo get together to encourage us, as always - to pray as a family. And they continue their series on using things or photographs of things to help us stay focused in prayer.

This week, JoJo & Peter continue to inspire us into praying for different countries, nations, or places in the world by using, this time, animals found in different countries or areas of the world.

Peter and JoJo encourage us to think of an animal and to pray for the country from which the animal might be found. JoJo suggests we go with whatever animal reminds us personally of a country as so many animals live all over the world.

However, some animals do make us think of a particular country, like the Bald Eagle may be associated with America, red squirrels are found in Scotland and Komodo dragons live in the Indonesian Islands.

With a photograph of a Kangaroo in front of them Peter and JoJo pray for Australia.

Why not find a cuddly, soft animal toy or teddy bear?

‘Lions and tigers and bears, on my….!’

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  1. Alan Kearns

    05/06/2022 at 17:44

    Excellent focus 🇦🇺
    You know the story that Adam was doing such a good job naming the animals, God to challenge him put a body of an otter, webbed feet, and a duck bill together to see whether he could name it…hence the duck-billed platypus!


      05/06/2022 at 17:48

      Lol. Love that!!

      And our last video for about a week…’s fitting to hit the pause button with prayer! not planned [by us on purpose] but fitting none the less.

      Thanks Alan

      Andy B on behalf of Jo and Peter

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