Peter & JoJo get together to encourage us, as always - to pray as a family. And they continue their series on using objects or photographs of objects to help us stay focused in prayer.

This week, JoJo & Peter continue to inspire us into praying for different countries, nations, or places in the world by using, this time, drinks associated with a particular country.

Peter and JoJo encourage us to think of a drink -wines, spirits, or beers - that make us think of a particular country, like tequila might make us think of Mexico, Vodka may remind us of Russia and France is known for their Champagne. JoJo wonders if we might have an empty bottle we may have kept as a souvenir, so we can just hold the bottle in front of us as we pray.

With a photograph of Guinness in front of them Peter and JoJo pray for Ireland (Eire).

If you have a full bottle of beer, wine or spirit as your focal point then you might want to pray first before you have a drink! But let’s not forget that Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into wine!

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