Peter & JoJo get together to encourage us, as always, to pray as a family. And they continue their series on using objects for prayer to help us stay focused, returning this week to World Food or The Photo!

By special request, JoJo & Peter pray for the United States of America, encouraging us to use Hotdogs as our focal point!

With a photograph of some, authentic American hotdogs, we hope! – Peter and JoJo pray for America.

A big thank you to David, our friend from America for encouraging us to pray for the USA, for suggesting Hotdogs as our focus and for prayer pointers.

The BerryBunch


Jo 0:01 For family prayer time, we like to have a focus, something that we can look at to help us stay focused on what we are praying for. And we've been praying for different countries. And we've been using different foods from those countries. And we've been asked by David, our friend from America, to pray from, for America, to pray for the United States of America. So Peter, what food can we have for America?

Peter 0:28 Hot dogs,

Jo 0:28 Hot dogs? Do you like hot dogs?

Peter 0:32 I like sausage. I don't know about hot dogs though.

Jo 0:34 You don't know?

Peter 0:35 Well, I think I had them one time, but I've forgotten what they taste like, so we need to have hot dogs.

Jo 0:41 Well, that picture is making me want hot dogs. I dunno about you, because you like ketchup, don't you? So that picture looks really nice! So if you're from America, or you've been to America, you may have had hot dogs. Of course, you can find them all around the world. But that's something that David has suggested we use as a food to help us stay focused on America. Of course, you, we can pray for different countries and have different foods from those countries to help us to pray. So let's pray for the United States of America.

Jo 1:12 Father, thank You for the USA, thank you, for the people, for the country, for the size of it, for the different cultures, the different states, different laws and things that go on. Thank you for America and the resources they have, and how they help other countries. We'd like to pray for the government. We know that since the Presidential elections, there have been real difficulties there, a real division amongst people, lots of, sort of arguments and things. And so I pray for peace for America. I pray for direction from the government. And I do pray you will speak to the American government, to the President, and that they would hear your voice. There must be lots of people trying to give them advice. But I pray that your voice will be heard, and they would listen, and follow you. In Jesus name. Amen!

Peter 2:07 Father God, I pray for America. I pray that, well, you'll talk to the government, the Americans leaders. I pray Lord that they'll just hear your voice, and be filled with your peace, and love. AI slo pray for the church. That you'll lay foundations that as we often say can't be broken, that they'll be big pillars that hold America up. And I pray with the prices of fuel going up that the Americans will be able to pay for well, running their car 'cos I've heard it's quite important for the Americans. So, I pray Lord, that they'll be able to pay for it. And they'll have peace. Amen. Amen.

Jo 2:44 Thank you, Father, for all the things that go on in America. Thank you for all the films, and the music, and the culture, and the different things that people do to to fight for what's right for fight for those who are poor, for those who are weaker and stuff. And thank you for the church in America that have reached out across the world and done some great things. I pray with you would be with that nation and make them a nation that follows you. In Jesus name, Amen!

Peter 3:10 Amen!

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