Family Prayer Time, Scotland and Haggis, S01E06

Peter & JoJo get together to encourage us, as always, to pray as a family. And they continue their series on using objects for prayer to help us stay focused, returning this week to World Food or The Photo!

By special request, JoJo & Peter pray for Scotland, encouraging us to use the Scottish national dish of Haggis as our focal point.

With a photograph of the traditional Scottish savoury pudding – Haggis -Peter and JoJo pray for Scotland.  

A big thank you to our friend, Alan from Scotland for prayer pointers:

  • God’s direction on Independence
  • Spiritual Revival for Scotland
  • Scottish Government – Holyrood, Edinburgh
  • Bills through Parliament in London & Edinburgh – affecting social & religious freedom
  • Building the Church in Scotland –
  • Housing & Homelessness in Scotland

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  1. Amen! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
    Thank you Jo and Peter for doing a great job in praying for Scotland this morning. Haggis is actually the entrails of the sheep (left at the end of butchering) and, oatmeal, salt, pepper and other spices. Many butcher families guard their recipe for it very jealously. May God bless you all richly today.

    1. I love the prayers they create. It’s so inspiring!

      Andy B

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