Family Prayer Time, Season 1, Episode 1, The Globe.

Peter & JoJo are back with Family Prayer Time, encouraging us as always to pray together as a family.

This week, JoJo & Peter encourage us to use the Globe to help us focus on praying for a specific country or place in the world. Peter holds his very own small, but handy Globe in his hand!

Globe in hand, Peter finds Ukraine and prays with JoJo for a country at war.  

Jo Jo and Peter show us how you can Psalm 148 as a simple prayer time for you and yours.

The BerryBunch

The BerryBunch

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  1. Great video, and so encouraging to support families in their prayers.

    1. That is our heart when we make these short family prayer videos. We hope that families will be inspired to pray together and at the same time we encourage ourselves to pray too! Peter & Jo

  2. Amen 🙏
    Plain but powerful words, well done Jo and Peter.

    1. Our hope is to always make Family Prayer short and sweet! Thank you for your encouraging words! Peter & Jo

  3. Amen. Hats off to brave Peter! It’s not always easy to speak while in front of a camera, but your did well, young man, and said a heartfelt prayer. Blessings to the Berry Bunch.

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words, I had thought I mumbled a bit but now I don’t think so! Peter.

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