Family Prayer Time, Season 1, Episode 4, The World Foods

Peter & JoJo get together to encourage us, as always, to pray as a family. And they continue their series on using common objects for prayer to help us stay focused.

This week, JoJo & Peter continue to inspire us into praying for different countries, nations, or places in the world by using, this time, a nation’s food. Peter and JoJo encourage us to find food that reminds us of a particular country. And JoJo even suggests that we make an evening of eating different foods from a particular country to really get in the mood to prayer specifically!

This week, Peter and JoJo pray for Italy, whilst Peter holds up some Pizza without eating it!

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  1. Well done guys…Next up haggis and Scotland?

    1. Good idea, Alan, consider it done! Have you any haggis photos we can share online and what are the prayer pointers for Scotland? Peter & Jo

      1. Scotland used to be called “The Land of The Book” meaning the Bible; there are people working to try and bring Scotland back to God. Independence is a big issue which tugs at many hearts, but I am not sure whether that is God’s purpose in Scotland, but if it is let it be to bring spiritual revival ! Either way we need to pray for the Scottish government in Holyrood, Edinburgh. Certain bills going through Parliament in London and Edinburgh are of serious concern as threats to social and religious liberty. Does this give you enough pointers?

        1. hi alan,

          do you have a few [of your own] photos we would use to add to this prayer time, that we could use online?

          Andy B

          1. I don’t have a lot of photos of my own, but what I have you are welcome to. I will send you some.

          2. We had a few images sent over for our Family Prayer Time for Finalnd (that goes live this coming Sunday morning).

            I thought it’d be nice to seek to continue this where we can and have some ‘local’ photos to add to the post to add a little colour.

            Andy B

          3. I have sent you some via messenger Andy.

          4. thanks Alan – saw them but hadn’t had chance to say thankyou

            so, thank you 🙂

            Andy B

  2. Yes, well done. After haggis and Scotland, do hot dogs 🌭 and the United States!

    1. We would love to pray for both Scotland and the United States. What are some current pray needs for the US, David?

      Peter and Jo

      1. The USA remains very much a politically divided country, since our last presidential election. Sadly, some who profess to be Christians have become militant in their actions toward the governing authorities.

        1. thanks David – always helps people on the ground telling us how better to pray, specifically.

          Andy B

        2. do you have some [of your own] photos we could use online to add to the prayer time?

          Andy B

    2. The land of good yummy food such as meatloaf, fried chicken, cornbread etc etc!😋🇺🇸

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