First Sunday off – Salisbury it is!

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It was our first Sunday off since starting as the new Children & Families Leaders at St Mary’s Church in Andover. We went as a family to St Paul’s Church in Salisbury for Sunday morning worship. It was good to be amongst so many other worshippers and to be able to worship so freely for an uninterrupted time of Spirit-led musical worship. Some good modern songs I didn’t know and one older one by Chris Tomlin – Our God – one we’ve been playing a lot at home and using in our Ministry. And final song – Amazing Grace – awesome!

The speaker presented the scripture in an unusual way which made for an interesting sermon, taking the congregation really into Mark’s gospel and then  the reading was on the paralysed man in Mark 2:1-12. I really liked the prayer time. The whole congregation was invited to pray for four people. One at a Time, we prayed for a person who needed healing, a leader, someone in need and for the Salvation of another – Good stuff.


We went for prayer and were blessed to be prayed for by a family who stepped in to pray for us as they had seen us waiting. We were blessed by the prayer and encouraged by a picture given. A picture of an acorn underground in the dirt. A lot goes on as the acorn grows, but nothing is seen, but the fruit will come.

I look forward to our next Sunday off so we can return – although, I have to admit I missed being at St Mary’s – that’s our home.

Thank you Lord for our time at St Paul’s – a Time of Refreshing, a Time of Encouragement, a Time to be ‘Off’!


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