Five Warnings and a Command to love

The UCB Word 4 U 2 Day -29th April 2012

I was challenged today by the UCB notes highlighting some warnings given in Joshua 10: 16-27.

There are five Kings mentioned in this Scripture and the meanings of the names of these Kings are significant because they warn us about certain attitudes that can stop us from being who God wants us to be and therefore the best we can be.

One King’s name speaks of robbing our peace, one King’s name warns us about being religious, one King’s name speaks of being wild, which can refer to being isolated from other Christians, one King’s name means ‘shining’, so warns us not to take the glory, by idolising ourselves and one King’s name warns us about being critical of other Christians.

These are the warnings:

  1. Keep your Peace
  2. Do not be religious
  3. Do not be a wild fool and do not be isolated from other Christians
  4. Give all Glory to God, not yourself
  5. Do not criticise or accuse follow Christians

It is so vital on our Christian journey to live in peace; trusting God at all times and to walk by faith. It is so important to meet with other Christians, to give all honour and glory to God, pointing people to Him, not ourselves and to support and encourage one another in the faith. As Jesus commanded:

“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you” (John 15:12)


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