God answers prayer & He knows our pain

God answered my prayer by helping me wake up earlier than usual this morning, about 5 am to be exact and I actually got up! I asked for help in this as I had an important meeting and just had no motivation the night before to put in any time to prepare. Over the last few months, I have really sought to ask God to be involved in my whole life, in particular, my job. I prayerfully prepared for the meeting and the meeting went well. Thank you Lord for helping me at work, I so need your help!

In the car, on my way to work I thought of the little girl who had died as a result of being hit in the chest by a ball at school, which was in the news yesterday. I was praying about this, not beginning to understand the pain that the parents, in particular, must have been experiencing, when I was reminded that God knew this pain. God reminded me that he lost his son, to death on a cross. God knows our pain.


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