God is merciful and nothing stops His plans

2 Chronicles 17-19

In chapter 17, Jehoshaphat became King of Judah and the Lord was with him because he did good and did not worship idols. However, in chaper 18, Jehoshaphat joins forces with the wicked King Ahab and things go pants!

At the very beginning of the battle, as King Jehoshaphat rode with King Asa, he nearly lost his life, but he cried out to God for mercy and quite miraculously God saved him and he was spared death. It’s good to know that no matter how badly we screw up, we can call on God.

Prior to this battle, a prophet of the Lord told King Asa he would die, so he disguised himself to fool the enemy, but a random arrow got him and killed him. God’s will is always fulfilled. And it’s good to know that God can use anything, even error, like the stray arrow, to bring about his plans. There’s hope for me yet!


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