#GoDeeper with Andy B: The Follow Through, Endurance, S1, E7


GoDeeper with Andy B, as we explore together about the mundane times we all have to walk through.

The bible tells us that iron sharpens iron. And I don’t know about you. But I’ve never seen a gentle blacksmith at work! There’s always noise and sparks flying about, surrounded by a suffocating heat.

As Christians life is never going to be boring: God wants us to live life to the full.

And yet the majority of our live can feel mundane – shopping, paying taxes, getting a job, going to school.

The day-in day-out repetition can grind us down.

And yet, when we think of physical exercise, we see repetitions as a good way of conditioning us for whatever physical activity we’re trying to get better at.

And those mundane moments of life can condition us in exactly the same way.

Learn more as we GoDeeper together.

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