God’s Timing

In John chapter 11, we hear of Lazarus becoming very ill and dying, then Jesus bringing him back to life 4 days later and finally more plotting to kill Jesus by the Religious leaders; they never stop!

The challenge today is how we respond when trouble comes. Do we whinge and whine and blame God or do we see our problems as opportunities to honour God? Jesus deliberately delayed responding to Lazarus’ family as He had a specific purpose. God’s timing may make us think that God is not answering or not answering in the way we want Him, but God will meet all our needs according to His perfect schedule and purpose.

Incredibly, there were still some who refused to believe in Jesus, even faced with the reality of His awesome power. There were even eye witnesses who rejected Him and plotted to murder Him. These people preferred to reject God’s son, then admit they were wrong about Him. We really need to be careful of our own pride; it sure leads us in to making some really bad decisions!


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