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Just a quick note from me.

I’m having a bit of a rant, having wasted the last 30 minutes of my Sunday evening seeking to overcome this issue. But we have been beaten. Totally – by Facebook. I  know, well, when to stand fight and when to simply walk away – and work around the problem. It makes me sad, but it is what it is: Facebook has been deleting music from our videos, with no recourse available for us.

Sadly, you can’t challenge the totalitarian approach of Social Media giants like Facebook: there is no complaints procedure; there is no customer service. There is just their action, which can’t be undone.

We get lots of people viewing, and enjoying, our resources on Facebook, directly. However, we will no longer be doing this.

It’s not a total loss though as, instead, we will be posting a link pointing people to our website – where our videos can always be viewed, just as you want them – advert free and with no interruptions!

If you want to continue seeing the material we produce, please consider signing up to our Newsletter – BerryBytes, so that you remain in control of what you choose to see.

We never pass on your details to anyone, and never will. We only send out a brief catch up email on a Friday evening, and a larger one chocked full of resources once a month.

Andy B

PS I’m off for a cup of tea and some more time with my family.

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    • The BerryBunch

      24/07/2022 at 21:42

      I rarely rant….this was one of those times!!

      They used to give you the option to challenge these things. Now they just inform me that a video ‘may’ match copyright so they silenced it, or kart of it

      Don’t tell me which part, who is challenging (whoever it uis doesn’t own the rights anyway, that’s for sure)

  1. davidsdailydose

    24/07/2022 at 22:35

    I am sorry to hear about your struggles with Facebook, Andy B. 🙏 Lord, please make sure the Barry Bunch resources get to the people who need them most. Help the Barry family to know and believe that nothing can stop your purpose for this ministry! Amen

    • The BerryBunch

      24/07/2022 at 22:51

      Thanks David – really appreciate this prayer and your comments (and support 🙂 ).

      Sometimes there is a time to walk away…this was one of them. We won’t stop posting there, but will have to do it differently.

      We’ve had quite a few problems like this, with music/audio being muted. Haven’t mentioned it publicly before, but we’ve lost many hours over the past 6 months dealing with these sorts of things.

      As I mentioned in the blog post, with YouTube and Instagram you always get to be able to challenge it…Facebook no longer let you challenge things like this unfortunately.

      Andy B

      • davidsdailydose

        24/07/2022 at 22:56

        Your stats may take a hit because you aren’t as accessible on a platform as before, but does this tell the whole story? Quality before quantity, I say! Frankly, I prefer social media platforms where I am the actual paying customer. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are free because the real customers are those who pay for adverts (to say it the British) way.😃

  2. Gospelroad#66

    25/07/2022 at 09:31

    So sad what Facebook has become! I remember the days of being able to speak freely and now it seems free speech is for anyone accept believers in Jesus. Well, when one door closes God opens another so this will work out well for you and your ministry! God bless brother 😊

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