Good Kings and Bad Kings

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2 Kings 14 -2 Kings 16

There are lots of lists of Kings and how long they ruled and whether they were evil or good, but they all seemed to leave the idols in situ on the hill, which was clearly bad. One interesting story in 2 Kings 16:10-18 is about evil King Ahaz who changed the layout of the temple. This King replaced the Altar of Burnt Offering with a replica of the pagan altar he saw in Damascus. This was really bad because God had given specific instructions on the lay out of the temple (Exodus 27:1-8) and this was like installing an idol.

2 Kings 17- 2 Kings 25

I have to note, as I am looking at lion stories in the bible with the boys that some lions appear in 2 Kings 17:25. When the Assyrians took over Samaria, replacing the people of Israel the Lord sent some lions to kill some of them because these people didn’t worship the Lord when they arrived. This did the trick, these people then realised what was happening and got hold of a priest to teach them the laws of God.

And in 2 Kings 20, I found it interesting that King Hezekiah, when he became sick, was told by the prophet Isaiah that he would not recover, but God heard his prayers and tears and decided to heal him. In fact God let him live a further 15 years, not bad! It’s a bit like coming back to life!

Anyway, it’s incredibly sad when you get to the end of 2 Kings. One of the opening events at the start of the book is about Elijah being carried to heaven. This is where those who follow God go, yes! But the book ends up with the people of Judah being carried off to foreign lands as slaves. This was the result of not following God. The book of 2 Kings shows us what happens when we make anything more important than God.

Fortunately, we may fail God, but God keeps his promises and helps us to sort our lives out and start over again. I’m looking forward to reading Ezra which is after 1 & 2 Chronicles; because that’s when God helps his people return to their land and start over again.


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