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Gospel Message (taken from our Something 4 Sunday)

God loves us. He made a beautiful world!

Throughout life ‘stuff’ gets in between us and people and between us and God. It got between God and Adam – sin entered the world.

The bad things we do get in the way of us having that beautiful relationship with God. It got in between Adam and God too.

But God already chose to give us a future when He sent His only son to die on a cross – the Resurrection – when Jesus literally took all the bad stuff that gets between us and God and got rid of it so we can have the beautiful relationship with God. Jesus – God’s son – died a human death,and defeated death three days later when He rose again.

In defeating death, He gave us hope of an eternal life with God, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

To know peace is to know God. Peace that isn’t dependant on our situations or successes.

To know God is to know Jesus.

If you want to know a peace which isn’t affected by Covid-19, or worries, or anxieties – you need, like I have,; like my family have – to have a relationship with Jesus; to say sorry, as I did (and do) for the bad stuff that gets between me and God.

With a right relationship with God I can know the beautiful peace and hope that comes, only, from a relationship with God.

Andy B

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