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Do you want to hire the BerryBunch.family?

We can create bespoke videos for you, your family, your church or your situation, including:

YouTuber: on “Endurance, Keeping It Real!”

[WATCH THE VIDEO] Excellent Biblical production Berry Family!

A volunteer

“Jo is very warm and encouraging and great at getting adults and children alike to open up and relax. Jo is caring, calm and a great leveller, nothing… READ MORE “A volunteer”

YouTuber: on “God, You and Me!”

[WATCH THE VIDEO] Excellent thoughts Andy, a job well done brother! Thanks for the shout out.

A Reverend Canon

“Well done to you and all the family for keeping that light shining during Halloween. You have certainly set a good base on which to build next year.… READ MORE “A Reverend Canon”

YouTuber: on “Dave the Dog – Moses and his stick”

[WATCH THE VIDEO] Dave is my kind of dog. Easy going and no barking.

DingDasher: “Teaching Series, Part 3 of 3, Prayer and Faith.”

[WATCH THE VIDEO]  Honest stories of stepping out in faith and the journey that takes us on is always encouraging. Looking forward to the other upcoming series’!

We can also be hired for:

  • Graphic creation, by Andy B and Nathan like the BerryBunch logo
  • Podcast editing
  • Video editing

We're working on making it possible for you to book Andy B to deliver, in your church, as follows:

All Year Round

  • Preaching and Teaching, to adults, children, youth or all at once
  • All Age Services (Andy B's specialty)
  • Holiday Clubs
  • Teaching on Worship
  • Teaching on Marriage


Just get in touch, using the form below - with details of what you need - and we'll get back to you as soon as humanly possible!

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We reserve the right to only take on projects, and work, that we choose to
; our time is limited, so we choose carefully extra projects to take on; we will reply to you; if we're unable to fit you in to our schedule we will tell you.

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