Hold Still

It’s two for one today, with this – second – post that I’m delighted to share with you from David and his excellent blog David’s Daily Dose.

This post – below – is a wonderful reminder to hold still for God, no matter what is going on around us, and no matter how things look to us: we need to be still before God, and wait for Him.

Andy B

“Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.” George S. Patton

Hold http://davidsdailydose.org/2022/03/19/hold-still/Still
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  1. Thank you for sharing my post, Andy. I am grateful for your support.

    1. you’re very welcome – it was a great post!

      Andy B

  2. Even though I haven’t read the original yet, I know this is also an excellent re-post!

    1. It’s great!

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