Holy Spirit in the Old Testament

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1 Chronicles 12-15

Yesterday, continuing with Israel’s history, I was reading about the warriors who joined David when he was hiding from King Saul. These warriors included men from Saul’s tribe. And in chapters 13-15, there is a recounting of David bringing the Ark to Jerusalem & some of David’s military achievements. We are also reminded of how Uzza died because he touched the Ark and in the end a reminder of David dancing to the Lord with such joy and his wife, Michal watching in such disgust and disapproval.

In Chronicles 12:18, it says the Holy Spirit cam upon one of the leaders who became one of David’s warriors, he said:

“We are yours, David;

We are on your side, son of Jesse

Peace, peace be unto you,

And peace to all who aid you;

For your God is with you”

In the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit worked by giving persons chosen by God the needed power and ability to do a specific and important job for God. The Holy Spirit came upon David’s warriors. The Spirit came upon individuals in order to accomplish specific goals. But at Pentecost the Holy Spirit came upon all believers (Acts 2:14-21). This year Pentecost Sunday is will be celebrated on 27th May.


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