“I am a secret agent for the King of Kings!“

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In one way this is a #TestimonyTuesday post, only not on a Tuesday – but this wasn’t one we could skip: it wouldn’t wait! We’ll come back to that. And, on the other hand, it is both a challenge and an encouragement to us all on how we do anything for God.

It’s also my first post after a week’s much needed break. So, hello and well met – how are you doing?!?

Essentially, the question on my mind today is whether we are doing ‘good’ for God, or for us.

If you’ve ever watched a James Bond film, Mission Impossible or, indeed, any secret agent film, you’ll be familiar with the idea of a Secret Agent.

They go about, usually with a distrust of authority and ninja skills that would impress, well, a ninja. All while looking great in their freshly pressed, tailored, suit. They always complete their mission and, aside from the last stupid James Bond film, they never die. Seriously – who thought it would be a good idea to kill off the hero?!?

Anyway the one thing these films also always have in common is that the secret agent is able to move about like, well, a secret agent. They rarely get caught unless they mean to and they always get the job done for Queen and Country. Well, not for Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible, but you get the idea.

There’s something about being a secret agent that we would do well to take note of though, as Christians. Because, much like James Bond and Ethan Hunt, we should do much of our good in the shadows – where only God can see what we’re doing. This does not give us licence to be silent about Jesus – that’s diametrically opposed to the message of Jesus Christ. But we shouldn’t go around shouting about how great we are, or what we’ve just done for others – on God’s behalf.

There’s nothing wrong with helping someone across the street. We can’t do that invisibly and if we wear the Ring of Power to do it – therefore, invisibly – we’d have crossed the threshold of another franchise, and the Lord of the Rings. Besides, we’d probably scare the person into doing something really foolish!

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Are you a secret Agent for the King of Kings?

Our computer has been on its last legs for quite a while. It’s more than 12 years old and has become increasingly unreliable. It’s made my job of editing videos for the BerryBunch.family online Ministry much more tiring and difficult than it could have been – and far more time consuming. But, with no funds to do anything about it, we’ve simply pressed on, hoped and prayed.

Recently, however, it has become so unreliable that we ended up stepping out in faith and purchasing a refurbished computer after quite a bit more prayer. Sadly, this computer quickly died – within a couple of days – and has gone back to the shop where we bought it, for a full refund.

Technology goes wrong. It happens. But, to be honest, it left us quite crestfallen. Had we got it wrong? I am quite confident, now, that we had made the right decision – not all things we do, for God, will turn out well in our human eyes! A lesson we learned many years ago.

God is good

Over the years we’ve seen some amazing miracles – you can read about them in our #TestimonyTuesday posts.

But, we’ve just had another miracle that enabled us, today, to be soon in receipt of a new computer. And not just any old computer, but a brand new one dedicated to editing videos. It’s gonna be quite amazing once it arrives! We’re still recovering from this latest blessing God, through one of His believers.

And what’s this got to do with secret agents? Well, the person who contacted us didn’t wish us to say who they were. That’s quite reasonable, and proper, and is a common request with any gifts we’ve received – to support this ministry.

It’s all for Jesus. All. Of. It! People get that, and that means more to us than so much else!!

In a conversation about their kind offer to buy us a computer for the ministry, the idea about being a secret agent came up. And, as Christians, this really is how we should behave for much of what we do. We’re simply not supposed to go around shouting about what we do for others, for God. We should be doing it quietly, so that our reward will be in heaven.

So, let’s do good stuff for God in secret and, much like a secret agent, operate a little more in the shadows so that only our Father in Heaven see what we do and so that the result of that ‘good deed’ is to shine a light on God’s kingdom, and not our own.

We don’t need adulation from others for a job well done. But, we do need that from our Father. And, after all, it only matters what He sees anyway, doesn’t it?

Andy B

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