I’m Sorry

A great article rewritten by a good friend, and brilliant blogger. sorry can be so hard – to say and to mean.

Andy Brown breaks it down brilliantly!

Andy B

I was thinking about apologising this week, not that there was a particular incident which I needed to say sorry for, but instead I was reflecting on how bad we are at it – generally speaking! Is that through lack of practise I wonder? We all make mistakes, and yet we often fail to apologise […]

I’m Sorry
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  1. It impressed me too when I read it Andy B. Our brother does a great job on this post.

    1. Doesn’t he just. It is sublime!

      1. Thank you both, you are too kind!

        1. Sorry about that lol 😉

          It was well earned!!!

          Andy B

  2. I like it, too! But for some reason I am unable to follow either one of you. It’s like WP won’t let me…or something.

    1. WP has lots ofodd foibles!!

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