Is the Old Testament Relevant Today?

This is a superb post, written by a good friend of mine, on a topic that is especially relevant and needed today.

Andy B (and not the Andy B that wrote the article!)

As part of my Course in Christian Studies, I have completed an assignment about why I think the Old Testament is relevant to 21st Century readers. I thought I would share it with you today. Is the Old Testament Relevant Today? CCS Assignment 1 Imagine you have a Christian friend who cannot see the point…
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  1. Thanks for sharing this with your readers Andy and hope you are doing well

    1. It’s a brilliantly penned postz article and letter!!

      Not doing too bad really. No heating or hot water, until a repair person can attend…maybe tomorrow…

      But we have an oil filled radiator and plenty of candles, and we’re all living in the lounge in between being in bed.

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