James 5: 7-11 – Family Bible Study

Peter led this bible study between 19th October & 2nd November 2018.

Opening Prayer

CD Player: LZ7 – Elevate

Question 1: Do you sometimes, not want to go higher with God?

(We sometimes want to do it the devil’s way, not God’s way)

Please explain your answer. DISCUSSION

Peter: We need to follow God where He goes. Where God goes is good. God wants us to stay with Him. If we follow God, things will go well for us.

Bible Reading: James 5:7-11

Question: Anything you felt God was telling you from the bible reading? What? Discuss

Conclusion: God wants us always to stick with Him and follow Him to the end.

Closing Prayer

Jo typed this up for Peter on 10/01/2019

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